Using Joins Improved My Code

Database Joining can be complicated and feel time consuming at first but when used properly can actually save time and improve your code. Before I get into anything in-depth, I’m going say that I didn’t have much background in programming before this internship. This year, I’m a second year Computer Science Undergrad at UCSC who’s…


How Data Changed Our Engineering Priorities

Launching a new service or product can be daunting to say the least. Before publicly releasing our front-end embeddable widget, we went through many internal iterations. Eventually, we came to a design we thought was “good-enough.” We then proceeded to share this layout to a few private beta customers. When the first few campaigns that…

treasure data

Hadoop and HIVE and Array Map Reduce, wait, what?

One of the first tasks here at Splurgy was to track data. We all drew straws on who was going to lead the initial effort to put something in place to track user behavior. Somehow I ended up with the short end of the stick. My background is primarily in web development. That means I…