Three Rules For Increasing Your Earned Media

When trying to get your name out there, or a product seen, you have three different types of media at your disposal. Owned media:  Your website or blog. Paid media:  Paid advertisements on other websites or in a magazine. Earned media:  The publicity you get when other people talk about your company or product, such…


Facebook ads not working? Take advantage of social marketing tools instead

With Facebook going public last Friday, the social network had its share of negative press around its advertising platform. Some of the big stories these past couple of weeks have been: GM announcing its plan to pull $10 million from its paid Facebook ad campaigns, and Greenlight’s report that 44% of Facebook users “never” click…

faceboook share

So what is a Facebook Share worth anyway?

Social media is all about sharing. Some people prefer to share on Facebook, while others favor using different social channels such as Twitter and Pinterest. There is no denying that sharing something gives a brand that extra exposure, but trying to quantify the monetary value of a like, share or re-tweet is understandably difficult. While…