Hire engineers

Engineers in a Startup Environment

To get ahead in the tech startup world, it takes a lot more than just knowing how to code and gathering a group of particularly smart individuals. Particularly, having a firm understanding of how to monetize your business is not just a job for the only business-oriented guy you hired, because it entirely determines how…


Programming in the Work vs School Environment

From working at Splurgy over summer, I experienced how programming in a working environment has a completely different atmosphere compared to that of college. In college, you would first learn the necessary material before starting a code and the projects done are usually centered on the subject that the class is currently covering. That wasn’t the case when…

ruby on rails

Consistency leads to better programmers

My first impression of Ruby on Rails is that it is a very seamless piece of work. When I say seamless, I mean that it is impressively easy and simple to setup and begin developing without any compromises while facilitating good habits. The whole Ruby on Rails community revolves on the idea of good practices.…


What drove me to work 40 hours a week as an intern

I began this internship with the goals to learn industry practices and gain more insight and more knowledge as an Engineer as well as insight and knowledge of a startups as a whole. My expectations were overwhelmingly met so far, but what is it about Splurgy that is really motivating me? I am currently a…


Check out what Agent18 sent us!

Agent18, one of our beloved clients, sent us this assortment of iPhone 4/4S cases the other day. Since most of us here at Splurgy are iPhone users, these cases were claimed within seconds. I, of course, took the Woodgrain Slim Shield =). Thanks again Agent18, you guys rock!